Guys……..How to get that girl….

So my boys,have you met that girl but she just isn’t looking back at you with those love glazed eyes?Then this is for you and I would want you to first understand that you are doing it all wrong.Your last girl probably loved flowers and candy and so now you are buying this one candy and flowers too,you are making a mistake.I am a lady boys so take this from me.                                                                                                            Sure,all the girls in the world have tits and asses that get your attention…..I still don’t know why,I would like for you guys to tell me,okay?…………..And so you probably think that we are all the same.Well you are really wrong on that one.We are all different.We may have similar things with some of our species but in little ways we are all unique and that is the first thing you boys should get into your heads.                                                                     Now,when you have acknowledged this important fact,you can begin to try to win her heart.And one way to our hearts is the attitude.You guys think we want the money and the attention and the materials.Well,sure we want all that,girls of this era really aren’t optimistic about being with poor men.                                                                                           We are sure to have met lots of other guys and we would have done a check on their attitudes and so when we see a new guy approach us,we hope that he has something different to offer us. For example,the last guy probably had this reserved attitude,maybe he didn’t like going to places and stuff so we want someone else,someone who is a bit more social and open minded.We want difference. You don’t have to be excellent than the other guys we have met or the ones chasing us,you just have to be different,it’s that simple.                                                                                                                                       Now,just being different isn’t enough,you may be different but there are chances that your attitude would bore us and get us looking for another guy and you wouldn’t want that.So now,the next thing is keeping us to yourself.You already got our attention so the next thing is this;be her friend then be her man                                                                  This is what you boys fail to do.In your heads you think you can just walk u[p to her and profess your love.Well,news flash boys,it don’t work that way.This is especially to the Nigerian men…..I hope a lot of them read this………..Do not just set your eyes on the girl and then go to her and start saying things like how you just fell in love with her by seeing her and stupid things like that.                                                                                                        When you approach her,sound like a gentleman,be a gentleman,ask her for her contact,she may ignore you,don’t fret it’s our pride .Just assume that she wasn’t in the mood.Keep an eye on her and then ask the next time you see her.This entails another way to get her and that is courage.                                                                                               When some guys notice that they couldn’t get her contact they go to ask the friend.We may not complain about this but you have lost some major points to us.We like you guys to be the ones to make the move first and including our friends spoil the show.When you have tied all ways in getting to her including asking her friend and you don’t get her contact,try giving her yours.If she calls you,she’s attracted or at least giving you a chance which is good and if she doesn’t,too bad,let her be.                                                  When you get her contacts and all,make sure you keep yourself in the friend zone while slowly making her know you intend on being her man.Make sure you are always there,be ever present so that she can get used to you more.This way you could get to know her more and be sure if it’s her you want.Don’t be too slow about it though so that she doesn’t go for some one else.In time,you can begin to unravel yourself to her and then start the love professing.                                                                                                                 Another way to get to her is to socialize.Build a rapport with her.Know her favorite things to talk about so that she never gets bored around you.Make her laugh.Don’t be scared to meet her friends and family when you guys start dating.,Make her time with you fun.We love it when guys can make us laugh and when they aren’t boring or too shy to socialize.                                                                                                                                        Finally,make her the queen.To make her the queen there are various things you need to do.Be there for her always,be a breath away.Sure you have things to do and we would give you your space but don’t be too far from us,we want to feel loved by you and important too.We love gifts.It doesn’t have to be too much or extremely expensive but we would like to be treated to something special by you once in a while.                                           Also,make her known to your family and friends,introduce her as the ONE,not by her name or as a friend.Your introducing us to people makes us know how serious you take us so be careful when doing so.Do not play on our emotions.We probably won’t let you see us cry every time but that doesn’t give you right to hurt us.Be careful with what you say to her.Love her with everything and cherish her.Make the world know how special she is to you.                                                                                                                                        That is how to get the girl you want.Try it,she just may have been made for you.


Let me share something with you guys…….The thing is your tummy is actually hidden under your clothes and probably no one can see them and no one may even take notice but you know what is underneath and it makes you irk…..I have been there before.You may probably start to feel very awkward and pay more attention to people’s faces and hope they aren’t looking at your flab.                                                                                            Worse scenario,you get home,happy that it’s just you and your flabby tummy and that no one else can see but then you turn the television on and there’s some hot lady showing off her flat tummy and in your head you are pissed off.Like I said I know what this feels like.And there is good and bad news.The good news is….There is a way to get rid of that flabby tummy and it is absolutely free….The bad news is there is no easy way around it…I mean an absolutely easy way around it.                                                                                           Now take a look at this…..  5 WAYS TO LET GO OF THAT FLAB…  

flabs                                                                                                     This is a lady with the flab and from that squeeze I can tell she doesn’t like them very much but who would?This reduces our self esteem.It diminished mine but you can always get rid of it.

   First,drink plenty of water.I mean a lot of water.Surely it’s not hard to chug down cups of water.                                                                                                                                          Secondly,sleep for the complete seven hours or more but not too much.Sleeping too much will make you fat which is worse than a flabby tummy.Do not go to bed late and then over work and expect your tummy to look flat and nice.It ain’t happening.                                 Third,learn to exercise more.Don’t wake up in the morning and go about your usual day without exercising.Stretch your arms and legs,twist to the side,you know,work it.You can play some music too.Dance,take a walk,they are all exercises. Make sure you touch your toes as an exercise,it works.                                                                                                   Fourth, sit,walk,sleep and do everything properly.I am trying to talk about posture here.When you walk,do not slouch,when you sit,sit up straight,don’t bend.Sleep properly,not like you were fighting karate overnight.When you cultivate good posture,you will get the tummy that you so desire.                                                                                        Last of all,Quit the junk,don’t drink soda,keep the chocolates on hold too.Eat well.Eat veggies and protein and iron filled foods.You don’t have to sprinkle drugs on your food or anything,just keep a good diet and a good appetite.I do not mean eat like there’s no tomorrow.I repeat….DO NOT EAT TOO MUCH. Be moderate about it.

So my dear friends when you keep these five steps up you will get rid of that flab and be able to gracefully wear crop tops and tank tops and bikinis without any worry. Make sure you try them out okay?

GOOD LUCK….                                                                                                                                


Okay so this is another one of my numerous stories…..I’m writing on watt pad….You know this cool social media for the writers,you should try it out or better still read some books from there.So I just wanted to share this part of the story with you……..Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase tell me what you think of it….Just don’t read it….Say something……..Okay?So the title is above……….Read this and tell me what you think,if I should continue or if it is just a waste of time.

Hey you,

Of course you,

You probably picked this book off a shelf or borrowed it from the library or a friend or you are reading it online.Well,if you are reading this that means two things………


You are alive….maybe not exactly well but at least I’m positive that you are alive.


You have the ability to understand everything that I’m going to tell you.Well understand this….

This book carries a lot of hideous things in it……You really shouldn’t read it.Just close this book and pick up another one.If you’ve reached this line that means you are not minding my very important advice and you are still reading.

I’m going to count three….


Really,close this book.


You don’t want to do this.This book has a lot of secrets in it.Only the bravest can read it.

And three…

Time up,okay then.You have most definitely gotten INTO this book.Let us start with me introducing myself.The name’s Chrix,my peeps call me Rix. And you wouldn’t believe where I’m writing this from but it’s the truth.

I’m writing this from……


Thank you so much my darlings….Muah!!!!!

MY first story………..KIDNAPPED.

So I guess I did say there would be stories by weekends.Here’s the first.I would love your comments please.Love you guys.

My name is Maria David but everyone calls me Ria. Everyone.At the time of this incident which I am about to tell you I was sixteen.You know the usual Gothic bitchy sixteen year old high school teenager.I should have had parents to guide me and correct me shouldn’t I?Well news flash.They were gone!And they are still gone.How did all this happen?You’ll know as you read along.                            I attended a really low class high school and there nobody cared whatever you did,whether you got preggers or you smoked pot or you got raped or to a really bad level whether you died.It was that bad.So I learned to flow with every other person and not care.It just seemed so very normal after a few years in the school.                                                                                                                                              Now when I said that my parents were gone I didn’t mean they had died or something like that.I meant they had left me.I don’t know how and when or why but everyday when I think about it I wish they had died instead.All I know is that my mother used to be one of the regular whores in the clubs who stripped for money and so she probably  had sex and got the big stomach and then I came out.                              Who my dad is,only my mother knows and where my mother is only God knows.So my dear friends,my story starts on a very cool evening.I had just resumed school less than a week ago and I had no money to buy note books and text books.The thing is I live in an orphanage and trust me it’s not entirely a pretty experience.I had already made up my mind to steal some cash from the grocery store next to us to get some books for myself.I was cool with my plan and I thought everything was fine.It was going to go exactly how I planned it.Well,I was wrong.Very wrong.                                                                                                                                                                     There was no one on the street but I could see the light from the orphanage and the grocery store a few meters away.I was almost there.I just had to walk…………I felt a hand on my mouth and then I blacked out.When I woke up……….

Wanna know what happened when Ria woke up………..Check it out tomorrow at night.PEACE!!!!

The beginning…….

Was sup my guys…It’s your girl Tammy here.So I know you want to know all about me and what this is all about…Well I am going to tell you.The walls blog spot is just for you and I……yeah…you got it…me and you.Everything you could possibly ask for.Name them.Fashion…..Don’t know what to wear for the latest party?Or is it an awesome book you need to know about?Or maybe food????The point is…my blog spot will make you feel very welcome…I am going to bring you to the moon and back….literally……Feel free guys…I love you loads and loads……

Plus catch my stories here every weekend……If you like you could also send me titles and I’ll write for you…..I also answer questions.Thanks guys….